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Candy Jar Ltd was founded in 2010 by Justin Chaloner and Shaun Russell.[1] The company was created from the merger of Farsight Productions and Hubbub Media. Based in Cardiff Bay, Candy Jar Ltd initially began as a video production and PR company. In 2011 it expanded into the book publishing industry.

Candy Jar Films[edit]

Established in 2010, Candy Jar Films produces videos for companies across the UK.

Since 2010, Candy Jar Films has worked on a variety of different projects for various clients, including Principality, Alzheimer's Society Wales and NHS Wales.[2]

Candy Jar Books[edit]

Candy Jar Books
Parent companyCandy Jar Ltd
Country of originUnited Kingdom
DistributionMarston Book Services[3]
Publication typesBooks
Fiction genresChildren's literature
Official websiteCandy Jar Books

Candy Jar Books is an independent publisher of non-fiction, general fiction and children's books. As it has an in-house video production team, it is able to make use of digital video as a marketing tool for its authors; creating book trailers, news packages and mini-documentaries.

The first title Candy Jar released, entitled Kangazang!,[4] was written by Terry Cooper. Part of a trilogy, the audiobook of Kangazang! is narrated by actor Colin Baker, who previously starred in Doctor Who.[5]

Other authors published by Candy Jar Books include Eileen Younghusband and Michelle Briscombe. Younghusband is the author of One Woman's War, which was published in 2011.[6] The book tells the previously untold story of the work of the Filter Room in WW2, and the book is the first of its kind on the topic to be published.[7] Younghusband has since appeared on BBC Breakfast talking about her book.[8] A documentary was made about her life for ITV Wales and aired in November 2012.[9] Michelle Briscombe is the author of Silent Mountain.

Other Candy Jar Book authors include Mark Brake, Mark Carton, Anthony Ormond, Griff Rowland and Sue Hampton.

In early 2012 Rebecca Lloyd-James joined the team as the company's editor. She previously worked as an editor for Harper Collins.[10]

Jelly Bean Books[edit]

Jelly Bean Books is Candy Jar's self-publishing imprint. Previous self-published writers include Barbara Pontin, author of Merlys and Tranter's Cake Shop, and Michelle McKenna, author of The Diddy Tree.[11]

The South Wales Short Story Competition[edit]

In 2012 Candy Jar launched The South Wales Short Story Competition.[12] The competition, aimed at unpublished writers, helps entrants get their work into print for the first time.[13] In its first year it received over one hundred short stories from entrants across the globe. The winners were announced during National Short Story Week.

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