Candy Rain (film)

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Candy Rain
Candy Rain poster.jpg
Directed byChen Hung-I
Produced byWei Ying-chuan
Chen Hung-i
Zhang Mei-ling
Written byLin Yan-ru
Chen Hung-i
Lin A.D.
StarringKarena Lam
Cyndi Wang
Josephine Hsu
Lu Chia-Hsin
Grace Chen
Belle Hsin
Sandrine Pinna
Waa Wei
Niki Wu
Kao I-Ling
Flora Sun
Music byChen Chien-Ci
CinematographyFisher Yu
Edited byChen Hung-i
Liu Chun-Hsiu
Red Society Films
Quidam Studios
Distributed byThree Dots Entertainment
Release date
  • 12 September 2008 (2008-09-12)
Running time
106 minutes

Candy Rain (Chinese: 花吃了那女孩; Wade–Giles: Huā Chīle Nā Nǚhái), also known as 愛情糖果雨 (Chinese: Àiqíng Tángguǒ Yǔ), is a 2008 Taiwanese film directed by Chen Hung-I (陳宏一).


Candy Rain is a romantic drama which combines four intimate, lyrical tales exploring lesbian relationship in contemporary Taiwan. In the first episode, a young girl escapes a broken love for the uncertainties of friendship (and more) in Taipei. In the second, another girl, seeking her ideal, finds herself involved with a wealthy woman instead. The third story follows a heroine trying to find a balance between marriage and separation from her true love. The final story portrays a volatile foursome anchored by singer-actress Karena Lam. A rich, bittersweet spectrum of love and loss, based on true stories.



Critical response to the film has been mixed. Kozo of the Love HK Film website called Candy Rain "a light, lesbian-themed art film that's uneven and obvious in execution,"[1] but Russell Edwards of Variety gave the film mild praise for its "charming" performances and "gracefully shot" cinematography.[2]


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