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Candystand logo.png
Slogan The Sweetest Games Online
Commercial? Yes
Type of site
Internet games
Registration Optional
Available in English, French
Owner Funtank LLC / Publishers Clearing House
Created by Nabisco, Inc
Launched March 30, 1997
Alexa rank
Negative increase 42,806 (As of February 2015)[1]
Current status Defunct is a casual game portal owned by Funtank, a wholly owned subsidiary of Publishers Clearing House and based in New York City. Launched in 1997[2] by Nabisco, Inc.,[3] it was the first major advergame portal available on the World Wide Web. The site was created for Nabisco by Skyworks Interactive. In August 2008, Candystand was acquired by Funtank from the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company.[4] Publishers Clearing House's acquisition of the property was announced in December 2010.[5]

Candystand is regarded for having a catalog of over 100+ Flash and Shockwave games. Some of its most popular games include Candystand Billiards, Monster Trucks Unleashed, Vector Tower Defense (Vector TD), Slipstream and Fancy Pants Adventure 2.

As of February 2016, PCH has inexplicably revamped the site, removing most of the games and emphasizing the lottery aspects over the games.

Key events[edit]

March 30, 1997: Nabisco, managed through its Life Savers portfolio, launches

2001: Nabisco is acquired by Kraft Foods. After Kraft's acquisition of Nabisco, the tagline "The Hottest Games Online" is introduced.

Spring 2003: did a voting poll on what will be the 5 new flavors for the Life Savers Five Flavor variety.

February 2007: became one of the first free game portals to offer an interface for the Wii at[6]

November 2008: launched its first iPhone game, Blackbeard's Assault for iPhone [7]

January 12, 2009: launched Slipstream 2 a sequel to one of the site's most popular games, created by Silent Bay Studios.

June 2009: Candystand rebranded their website with a new layout and the new title "The Sweetest Games Online".

July 1, 2009: launched Let's Dance a rhythm-dance game built in collaboration with Disney and featuring Hannah Montana.

August 2009: Candystand becomes first major game portal to integrate Facebook Connect.[8]

January 2010: several Candystand games are made available on the PSP as well as the iPhone. Ported titles include Vector TD, Virble, Electric Box and Match Maker.

March 2010: Candystand partners with The Walt Disney Company to integrate Pixie Hollow, a virtual world based on the Disney Fairies and Tinker Bell, directly on the website.

May 2010: In partnership with Trident gum, created and launched a new game titled Trident Layers Factory. This game marks the first of several new games being developed for Cadbury Adams brands in 2010.

Candystand Profile[edit]

On you have the option to create an account. Similar to other online gaming websites you can earn Trophies, compete with other's people around the world and earn prizes.

  • The three trophies you can get on Candystand are Gold, Silver, and Bronze depending on your score
  • You can compete with friends and people from around the world with the Trophy system. The more Trophies you earn the more your world ranking percentile will go up.
  • To create an account you can sign up manually or use Facebook Connect.[9]
  • Scores can be submitted in game to post to online leader boards in the prize screen depending on your score can get a trophy and get tickets that you can redeem for prizes.
  • There are also High score contests that can automatically enter members to win prizes.
  • With Tickets you can redeem them for prizes like an iPod Touch, GameStop gift cards, Cash Cards, and more.
  • Members can also play multiplayer matches with other Candystand members like UMAG,and a variety of pool and bowling games.
  • There are also multiplayer games from OMGPop.


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