Cane River Lake

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Cane River Lake
Cane River Lake south of Natchitoches IMG 3469.JPG
Cane River Lake near Melrose Plantation in south Natchitoches Parish
Location Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana
Coordinates 31°38′10.74″N 93°0′13.96″W / 31.6363167°N 93.0038778°W / 31.6363167; -93.0038778Coordinates: 31°38′10.74″N 93°0′13.96″W / 31.6363167°N 93.0038778°W / 31.6363167; -93.0038778
Type oxbow lake
Basin countries United States
Max. length c. 35 mi (56 km)
Max. width 100 ft (30 m)
Average depth 8 ft (2.4 m)
Max. depth 15 ft (4.6 m)
Settlements Natchitoches, Natchez, Bermuda, Melrose

Cane River Lake (French: Lac de la rivière aux Cannes) is a 35 mi (56 km) oxbow lake formed from a portion of the Red River in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana, United States. It runs throughout the Natchitoches' historic district to the south and is famous for the numerous plantations, particularly Melrose being located on or near its banks.

Cane River Lake in Natchitoches, Louisiana

The lake was widely publicized between 1966 and 1979 by the nationally known outdoorsman Grits Gresham, host (with Curt Gowdy) of ABC's The American Sportsman and author of numerous books and columns on hunting, fishing, and guns.

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