Canelo Álvarez vs. Amir Khan

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Canelo Álvarez vs. Amir Khan
5-7-16 HBO PPV.jpg
DateMay 7, 2016
VenueT-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.
Title(s) on the lineWBC, The Ring and lineal middleweight titles
Tale of the tape
Boxer Mexico Canelo Álvarez United Kingdom Amir Khan
Nickname "Canelo" "King"
Hometown Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico Bolton, United Kingdom
Pre-fight record 46–1–1 (32 KO) 31–3–0 (19 KO)
Height 5 ft 9 in 5 ft 8+1/2 in
Recognition WBC, The Ring and lineal middleweight champion WBC Silver welterweight champion
Álvarez wins by knockout in round 6

Canelo Álvarez vs. Amir Khan, billed as Power vs. Speed and also known as Canelo vs. Khan or by the portmanteau Khanelo, was a professional boxing fight which took place on May 7, 2016, and was contested for the WBC, Ring magazine and lineal middleweight titles.[1][2] It was the first major sporting event to be held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.[3]

The fight was Canelo Álvarez's first defense as the WBC, Ring and lineal middleweight champion, and Amir Khan's first fight at middleweight after moving up two weight divisions from welterweight. A catchweight of 155 lb was in effect, at which Álvarez had fought for his previous four fights. The fight was won by Álvarez, who scored a sixth-round knockout of Khan to retain his titles.


The bout was on HBO PPV in the US,[4][5] and on BoxNation in the UK.[6] It was also shown by Fathom Events at nearly 200 select movie theaters across the United States.[7] In Mexico, the fight was aired on TV Azteca.[8] In Mexico and Latin America, fight was aired on the Space channel.[9]

Fight details[edit]

Round by round[edit]

Round 1[10]

Khan tossed out a few jabs early to get things going but they fall short. A hard right cross to the head snapped Canelo’s head back, but he seemed to have taken it well. A nice right to the ribs by the Canelo but Khan came right back with a flurry of jabs and right to the head. Canelo missed with a monstrous right hook but Khan was out of position to counter him. Amir walked into a short left hook just as his left missed but he didn't seem hurt. A Canelo left hook was blocked with a minute left. Khan opened up with a three-punch flurry to the head but Canelo blocked them all. Khan’s speed was definitely a factor at this juncture.

Round 2

Canelo stormed out of his corner but missed with a sweeping left-right upstairs. A huge left hook missed by Canelo again caused him to stumble Khan countered him with a quick shot to the puss but there was nothing behind it. Canelo was more aggressive, walking after his elusive foe and digs to the body. They missed a wild exchange in the center of the ring before settling in with jabs. Khan popped him with a right-left up top but Canelo walked right through it. Khan lobed out four jabs to the head and body. With 10 seconds left, Canelo swallowed a slick left-right, giving Khan the round.

Round 3

Khan remained very mobile, forcing Canelo to lunge in and miss his shots early. Khan got hit with a short left, but he took it well. A hard left-right followed by a pair of jabs from Khan, who then landed a sweeping left hook to the head. Canelo was not getting hurt by the shots but the speed was shown to giving him issues. Khan remained just out of reach of another wicked left hook from the Canelo. A multi-punch flurry to the face for Khan again, but Canelo continued to walk through the attacks. A hard right to the body for Canelo, but he quickly countered upstairs by a laser of a right and then a short left.

Round 4

A nice tattoo of a right to the face by Khan caught Canelo off-guard and he clinched. In the grip, he slammed a left to the ribs, making Khan back off. Canelo ate another right but he fired right back with a thud of a right to the gut. A triple jab snapped the Mexican’s head back at the midway point. Canelo missed a sloppy right and was then cracked by a beautiful overhand left. Again, he seemed to be not bothered by it. Khan missed a massive right-left to the head as Canelo turned with both shots. There was some swelling around Canelo’s right eye late in the round. Canelo slammed another right to the body late.

Round 5

A nice short left to the head early from Canelo but Khan shook it off. Khan was moving exceptionally well, making Canelo chase after him. Canelo landed a nice right to the body but he’s quickly countered by a left up top. Khan popped him with a few jabs after taking a shot to the ribs a minute in. Canelo caught him with a loopy right but Khan partially blocked it against the ropes. Khan landed a jab and then ducked under a left hook, but he was out of position to nail him in return. A three-punch combo downstairs by the Mexican but he misses his shots during an exchange at the bell.

Round 6

Both fighters took turns missing meager jabs early before Khan lands an errant left hook to Canelo's ear. Canelo returned fire with a right to the hip.

Khan's jab is answered with Canelo's feared left hook which hits its mark turning Khan's head. Immediately it is clear that Khan is a little dazed and the fight pacing changes with Canelo taking control.

With a loss in maneuverability, Khan seeks to establish a buffer zone with jabs. Canelo while respecting Khan's jabs uses the opportunity to land a couple of body shots to Khan's belly. Sapping his movement still more.

Khan's head seems to be clearing but he has not regained the body movement which protected him so well earlier in the bout. Canelo feinted a lazy body jab as a cover to load a heavy right hook, this time Amir goes to parry the jab with both hands attempting to pivot off it away. The jab is withdrawn and Khan is left off balance with both hands down. Everyone is surprised, not least Amir, of Canelos wide right hook. It comes out of nowhere to land perfectly on Amir's jaw. His head turns so hard his body has no choice but to follow swinging Amir's left arm out wide which Canelo easily ducks. Amir is out before his body stops turning as he hits the canvas hard which his head bouncing off it. A brutal knockout, Bayless the referee doesn't bother counting as the ringside staff including doctors storm the ring.[11] Canelo kneels beside Amir who takes time to recover his senses.


Alvarez was surprisingly ahead on two scorecards, 49–46 and 48–47. Khan was ahead 48–47 on the third scorecard. had Khan ahead 48–47.[12]

Punch Stats[12]
Punches Alvarez Khan
Landed 64 48
Thrown 170 166
Percent 38% 29%


The fight produced $7,417,350 from the live gate, according to figures released by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. This came from 13,072 sold tickets. The gross made it the 34th highest grossing boxing event in Nevada history.[13] On pay-per-view, the fight sold an estimated 600,000 PPV buys, but HBO and Golden Boy promotions refused to release the official totals.[14] The fight grossed at least $35,994,000 in pay-per-view revenue,[15] giving the event a combined live-gate and pay-per-view revenue of at least $43,411,350.

In addition to 600,000 PPV buys,[14] the fight drew a replay audience of 1.005 million viewers on HBO,[16] giving a total audience of 1.605 million viewers on HBO. In Mexico, the fight drew a live audience of 3.3 million viewers on Azteca 7, making it the year's fourth most-watched live sporting event in Mexico up until May 2016.[17] The fight drew a total audience of 15.4 million viewers on TV Azteca in Mexico.[8] Combined, the fight had a total of 17.005 million viewers in the United States and Mexico.

Canelo's potential earnings from the fight was about $15-20 million.[18] Amir Khan's earnings from the fight was an estimated $13.1 million (£9 million), the highest for a British boxer since Wladimir Klitschko vs. David Haye in 2011.[19][20]

Fight card[edit]

The fight card included the following fights:[7][21][22]

Weight class Weight vs. Rounds
Middleweight 155 lbs. Mexico Canelo Álvarez (c) def. United Kingdom Amir Khan RD6 KO
Middleweight 160 lbs. Canada David Lemieux def. United States Glen Tapia RD4 TKO
Welterweight 147 lbs. United States Frankie Gomez def. United States Mauricio Herrera UD
Middleweight 160 lbs. United States Curtis Stevens def. Brazil Patrick Teixeira RD2 TKO

Fight purses[edit]

Guaranteed Base Purses[23]

  • Canelo Álvarez ($3,000,000) vs. Amir Khan ($2,000,000)
  • David Lemieux ($200,000) vs. Glen Tapia ($150,000)
  • Mauricio Herrera ($175,000) vs. Frankie Gomez ($90,000)
  • Curtis Stevens ($65,000) vs. Patrick Teixeira ($50,000)

Press conferences[edit]

The fight had international press conferences in three cities:[2]

International broadcasting[edit]

Country Broadcaster
 Australia Main Event
 Canada Shaw PPV
Dish PPV
Sportsnet PPV
 Czech Republic Sport 1
 France BeIN Sport
 Germany Sky Select
 Hungary Sport 2
 Indonesia tvOne
 Italy Sportitalia
Latin America Space
 Malaysia Astro
 Mexico Azteca 7
 New Zealand Sky
 Pakistan PTV Sports
 Philippines Solar Sports, TV5 and AksyonTV
 Poland Polsat Sport
 Portugal Sport TV
 Qatar BeIN Sports
 Russia NTV Plus
 Turkey NTV Spor
 Spain Taquilla
 United Arab Emirates DU TV
 United Kingdom BoxNation
 United States HBO PPV
Dish PPV


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