Canghali of Kazan

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Canghali (also Jan Ali, Can Ali, Tatar: Canğäli, pronounced [ʑʌŋɣæˈli]) (1516–1535) was khan of Qasim in 1519–1532 and then Kazan in 1532–1535. He was the son of Shayex Allahiar (Şäyex Allahiär) and younger brother of Shahgali. Qasim Khanate was a vassal state of Muscovy. Canghali as its ruler had close ties with Muscovy. In 1532, Vasili III of Russia ousted Kazan khan Safagäräy and established 16-year-old Canghali as a puppet ruler of a bigger and generally independent Kazan Khanate. In 1533 Canghali married Söyembika, the daughter of Nogay nobleman. During his reign he was completely manipulated by Bulat Shirin (Bulat Şirin, /boo-LAHT shee-RREEN/) and queen Gawharshat (Gäwhärşat, /geh-w-ha-rr-SHAHT/), widow or sister of Moxammat Amin khan. During 1535 coup of Kazan nobility, he lost the throne and was killed, probably in Iske Qazan.

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Preceded by
Safa Giray
Khan of Kazan
Succeeded by
Safa Giray