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Genre Comedy
Created by Vooz Character System
Developed by Vooz Character System
Written by Stuart Kenworthy
Ian Carney
Directed by Vooz Character System
Creative director(s) Vooz Character System
Voices of Marie Fagundo
Todd Winters
Robert Pope
Sly Johnson
Theme music composer Simon Russell
Country of origin South Korea United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 52
Executive producer(s) Carlos Biern
Yoo Kyoung Kim
Producer(s) Vooz Character System
Editor(s) Vooz Character System
Cinematography Vooz Character System
Camera setup Vooz Character System
Running time 7 Minutes
Production company(s) Vooz Character System
Voozclub Co., Ltd.
Distributor Aardman (UK)
BRB Internacional
Original network CITV (UK)
RTÉjr (Ireland)
Clan TVE (Spain)
EBS (South Korea)
Disney Channel (Southeast Asia)
Italia 1 (Italy)
Global TV (Indonesia)
ABC3 (Australia)
Netflix (United States)
Picture format Vooz Character System
Audio format Mono
First shown in Aardman
Original release June 9, 2011 – present
Related shows Bunn&Bunny

Canimals (lit. Can, Animals) also known as Canimals: We Can Do It! is a South Korean live-action/CGI animated hybrid television series by Voozclub Co., Ltd. The main characters are Ato, Mimi, Uly, Fizzy, Nia, Oz, Pow, Toki, and Leon. Internationally, the series has aired on UK[1][2] through Aardman and worldwide[1] through BRB Internacional.


Canimals follows a group of little tin can-like elflike animals that go around rediscovering the world from a different point of view. The Canimals find something new and worthy of attention in the most mundane of things.[3]


Main Canimals[edit]

  • Ato - A happy-go-lucky Beagle in a can. He also puts up the Canimals logo in the episode title cards.
  • Oz - A mischievous & tomboyish Turkish Angora cat in a can. She often gets herself into more trouble than she can handle, but she's very smart!
  • Uly - A dimwitted Pug in a can. He happily eats anything in his sight without forethought.
  • Mimi - A bossy Poodle in a can. She sometimes attacks the others with her ears.
  • Pow - A crotchety Horned Owl in a can. He will not hesitate to use his hypnosis on others.
  • Fizzy - A clumsy Siamese Cat in a can. He aspires to have a ninja lifestyle.
  • Toki - A hyperactive Rabbit in a can. He just cannot seem to stay firmly on the ground.
  • Nia - A timid & caring Turkish Van kitten in a can. She sometimes lets off a sonic scream when frightened,or angry. She may have a crush on Uly.
  • Leon - An odd Chameleon in a can (hence his name). He can make himself invisible at will.

Recurring/One-time Canimals[edit]

  • Wooang - a Bull Terrier in a can.
  • Capri - a Lion in a can.
  • Pip/Mini Pip - a schizophrenic Black Cat in a can. Appears in "Can't Blame Me".
  • Boco and Cocobos - a giant Squirrel in a can leading several smaller squirrels in cans respectively. Appear in "Canned Nuts".
  • Bobby - a Bear in a can with a plaster on his face for unknown reasons. Appears in "Canned Nuts"
  • Koby - a Tortoise in a can. Appears in "Chili Can Carnage".
  • Olive - a Skunk in a can. Appears in "Trash Can".
  • Peng and Gwin - a pair of Penguins in cans. Appear in "Mama Can".
  • Wooga - a Gorilla in a can. Appears in "King Can".
  • Dal and her puppies - a Dalmatian dog and 8 puppies in cans.


The series was added to in 2016

  1. Music of the Night: Toki's interest in listening to a human's MP3 player at night ends up disturbing Uly, Mimi and Leon's sleep.
  2. Pool Can: It's a hot day and Oz, Mimi, Toki, and Ato get the idea of turning a kitchen sink into a swimming pool.
  3. Can vs. Shell: Fizzy ends up having to battle a hermit crab for a shiny ring that he drops into a fish tank.
  4. Toki in Love: A jealous Mimi tries everything she can to throw a wrench in a relationship between Toki and a can with a female rabbit on it.
  5. Uly and the Apple: Uly and Pow fight for the right to an apple tree, though the apples have some unforeseen side effects on Uly...
  6. Paint Cans: Mimi demands that Oz, Ato and Leon paint a picture of her, though their paintings turn out less than satisfactory...
  7. Super Can: Fizzy tries his best to imitate a superhero he has seen on the television.
  8. Kiss and Make Up: The girls (and Uly) hold a beauty pageant to see who can win a sweet trophy.
  9. Mistake Can ID: The choice is clear for Uly when he finds some money for a vending machine: a chocolate bar or a trapped Mimi...
  10. School Pet: Nia makes friends with a goldfish, but she must also defend it from a hungry Uly.
  11. Rocket Can: When their ball is knocked out of reach by Pow, Ato and Toki use a soft drink can as a rocket to get it back.
  12. Snow Cans: Ato and Oz find a snow sledge and take it for a ride, but they also have to outride a snowball rolling their way.
  13. Can't Blame Me: Mimi and Nia take in a new kitten Canimal, but Ato is convinced that "Pip" is not what he appears to be...
  14. Can Eats Can: Uly finds paradise in a vending machine, but must contend with Leon in order to get at the treats inside.
  15. Canned Nuts: Ato, Toki and Nia stumble upon an urban complex, but a tribe of squirrel Canimals and their boss don't take kindly to their intrusion.
  16. Can Napper: Mimi and Wooang race across the city to rescue Uly, who has gotten himself trapped in a suitcase.
  17. Sleeprolling Can: Poor Nia has her work cut out when she has to prevent a sleepwalking Mimi from getting hurt or worse still, being discovered by humans...
  18. Wasp: Pow ends up getting stung when he angers a swarm of wasps.
  19. Baby Doll: Mimi and Nia try to return a baby doll to its stroller.
  20. Canimalism: Mimi, Toki and Leon end up running for their lives when Uly views them as food.
  21. Encanted: Toki and Nia stumble across a magician's magic set, which has some unforeseen effects on Nia...
  22. Egg roll: With two Canimals, you get egg roll; that is, Pow wants to hatch an egg but Leon also wants to eat it...
  23. Shiny Cans: Excluded from playing with Mimi and Nia, Oz uses Uly to steal the kitchen equipment the girls play with.
  24. Dolly Disaster: Nia cannot stop crying when a doll she likes ends up out of reach, so Ato and Oz try to get it back.
  25. Can of the Castle: Mimi ends up fighting back to reclaim a sandcastle that has been taken over by Oz and Uly.
  26. Doppelcanner: Leon masquerades as Mimi to get at some cereal when bullied out of his share by Uly.
  27. Ants and Cans: Uly, Fizzy and Toki end up on the wrong side of a colony of ants that they keep taking food from.
  28. Vase: Uly, Toki, Leon and Pow end up stuck in a glass vase when they fight over Nia's lollipop.
  29. Can-oodling: Mimi becomes smitten over a doll of a groom.
  30. Candid Camera: Nia becomes convinced that Uly is trapped inside a camera.
  31. Leave Me a Gnome: With Leon's help, Oz plays a prank on Mimi and Nia involving garden gnomes.
  32. Can-ouflage: Fizzy will try to do anything to get a piece of a muffin Mimi finds, even if it means disguising himself...
  33. Bully Cans: Bullied by Oz and Toki, Nia snaps and mans a remote-controlled robot to terrorize them.
  34. Trapped Can: Uly becomes stuck in a teacup and the other Canimals have to free him before he is discovered.
  35. Once Upon a Can: A fairy tale being read to a child becomes a dream for Mimi...
  36. Can Can Fly: Toki hops about with some balloons but inadvertently gets Mimi and Uly tied up in the string...
  37. Skater Can: Oz wants a spare roller skate all for herself and will do whatever she can to get it.
  38. Heavy Jelly: Toki gets himself trapped in a bowl of jelly when it sets, so Mimi, Nia and Uly try to free him before he is discovered by humans.
  39. Chili Can Carnage: Oz's plan to cook discarded Mexican kebabs by getting Koby to eat hot chilies has unexpected consequences.
  40. Trash Can: Ato has a cold and makes friends with a smelly sock puppet. Mimi and Fizzy do all they can to break up this stinky relationship.
  41. Can Zilla: One of Oz's pranks, involving some glue, goes haywire when Toki, Nia, Leon and Pow get stuck together.
  42. Moustak Can: Ato, Toki and Uly find themselves dealing with lots of mousetraps.
  43. Mama Can: The Canimals all mistake a cake for their various mothers...
  44. Classroom: The cats and dogs play about in a classroom and meet a goldfish that does almost anything they do.
  45. Coffee Cans: Mimi wants the warmth of a cup of coffee all to herself so the boys try to take it any way they can.
  46. Can Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: Pow falls in love with the cuckoo of a cuckoo clock, a relationship that Leon won't take seriously.
  47. Wild Can: An accident on Oz's part leaves her, Ato and Nia running for their lives from Capri.
  48. Mimi's Birthday: Mimi desperately tries to defend a birthday cake from the other Canimals, thinking it is hers alone.
  49. Vacuum Can: Fizzy, Leon and Uly get in a tussle with a vacuum and Uly eventually has to be rescued from it.
  50. King Can: In a fruit factory, the Canimals discover a gorilla Canimal named Wooga, who abducts Nia.
  51. Canimal Magnetism: A simple prank by Leon involving fridge magnets goes awry when Ato becomes increasingly attractive to the kitchen utensils.
  52. Florence Nighting Can: Mimi and Nia get the idea of playing doctors and nurses, but Uly, Toki and Leon aren't willing to receive treatment...


Canimals was licensed based on a long-run cartoon series and supported by the creators of Pucca (Voozclub), Wallace & Gromit (Aardman) and Suckers (BRB International). With a spectacular style guide, Canimals has prepared a wide-ranging licensing and merchandising plan set to be launched in conjunction with the series’ TV premiere in 2011.

BRB International manages all the series’ rights on the Iberian Peninsula.[4]

Netflix also picked up the series in 2015 and has the complete series available for viewing.

Awards and nominations[edit]

Canimals won as the best for kids 7-10 at the 2010 Kids' Jury and nominated for the Licensing Challenge in MIPJR 2010.[5][6]

DVD releases[edit]

In the UK, ITV Studios Home Entertainment released Volume 1 on January 29, 2011.

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