Cankilian Thoppu

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Cankilian Thoppu
Cankili Thoppu.JPG
Cankilian Thoppu or arch of Cankili
Cankilian Thoppu is located in Central Jaffna
Cankilian Thoppu
Location in central Jaffna
Alternative namesPoothathamby Arch
General information
TypeTriumphal Arch
LocationJaffna, Sri Lanka
Coordinates9°40′34.4″N 80°02′09″E / 9.676222°N 80.03583°E / 9.676222; 80.03583
OwnerSri Lankan Government
DesignationsArchaeological protected monument (23 February 2007)

Cankilian Thoppu facade or Poothathamby arch,[1] simply known as Cankilian Thoppu (pronounced [Cənəgɪlɪənə ʈəɦoːbəbʉ]), is an ancient facade, and one of the remnants of the Jaffna kingdom. The arch is located on the Jaffna-Point Pedro Road, near Nallur, Jaffna. The Cankilian Thoppu is a archaeological protected monument in the Jaffna District and was listed as such by the Sri Lankan government in 2007.[2]

It is situated close to other physical remnants of the Jaffna kingdom and is believed to be part of the facade of the king's palace, even though its architecture style is typical of Dutch colonial architecture. The Cankilian Thoppu is located within the area known as the Pandiya Palace, which supports the connection with the Tamil kings and their kingdom.[3]

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Ruins of foundation of the Cankilian Thoppu, which is away from the current Cankilian Thoppu, and considered as another facade of the palace.


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