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Cannabis in Myanmar (Burma) is illegal,[citation needed] but is illicitly cultivated, and was previously legal from 1939 onward.[when?]

Myanmar is trying to get the legal for Cannabis plant by Botanical methods. One of the activists for cannabis research is Chim Kham .She is a botanist and environmental lover. She graduated from Dagon University with Bsc.Botany and a professional diploma in Businesses Administration from Myanmar Management institute. Since 2019 July, she had started her research in Myanmar, and joined with Mahar Legalization Movement Myanmar and Myanmar Hemp Association. They supported government for legal."Hemp is Hope "is their aim. They want to free the plants and want to develop more in Myanmar. She and her Master showed the way of getting it legal ,and if it is legal , how should we start the business ? She always communicate from her Facebook live community. She has always share the knowledge about the cannabis benefits , growing techniques, share her experience cannabis researcher life , Prove that with Hemp products,introduce about cannabis for Myanmar people by Botanical, cannabis business strategy and all process she did it. She and all farmers are hopefully waiting for cannabis to become legal. She stands by her Farmers , jobless people and her education field people. Her target is To get cannabis legal. To get more opportunities for her people. To improve research in the field. To develop her country.


Cannabis was banned in Burma in 1870 (or 1874) while under British rule, however there continued to be a demand for cannabis, primarily among Indian workers.[1] Noting this continuing demand, primarily among Indian workers rather than local Burmese, the Burmese government legalized and taxed cannabis beginning in 1939.[2]


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