Cannibal Terror

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Cannibal Terror
Directed by Alain Deruelle
Written by Julio Pérez Tabernero
H.L. Rostaine
Jesus Franco (uncredited)
Starring Silvia Solar
Pamela Stanford
Olivier Mathot
Antonio Mayans
Release date
  • 1981 (1981)
Running time
93 minutes
Country France
Language French

Cannibal Terror (French title: Terreur Cannibale) is a 1981 cannibal film. It was directed by Alain Deruelle and written by Julio Pérez Tabernero and H.L. Rostaine. (Jesus Franco was an uncredited co-writer on this project.) Released at the end of the "cannibal boom", this film is French, instead of Italian, like most films of the genre.

The film shares a significant amount of footage with the 1980 film Mondo Cannibale. While many sources suggest that Franco's footage was 'borrowed' for Cannibal Terror, a closer examination reveals that there are more connections than this between the two films. Both films share a number of locations, cast, and even dubbing actors. Some connections which suggest more than a mere borrowing of footage are:

Sabrina Siani is the White Cannibal Queen of Mondo Cannibale, and also appears (as a fully clothed adult) in a bar scene in Cannibal Terror. Several shots of the dancing cannibal tribe in their village are common to both films, and several shots appear only in one or the other. One actor with a very distinctive face and large Mick Jagger type of mouth is seen in 'Cannibal Terror' in no less than three roles (two cannibals and one border guard) and is also quite visible as one of the cannibals devouring Al Cliver's wife in Mondo Cannibale. The man who plays the guitar at the safe house is one of the two guys who finds Al Cliver after he's had his arm cut off.

In addition to these connections are the obvious cast parallels of Olivier Mathot and Antonio Mayans, both of whom have starring roles in both films. Porn star Pamela Stanford plays Manuella in Cannibal Terror, and has the brief role of the unfortunate Mrs. Jeremy Taylor in Cannibals. She also appeared in a number of Jesus Franco's other films around this time period, including Lorna the Exorcist. As well, the actor who plays Roberto in Cannibal Terror is the captain of the boat at the beginning of Mondo Cannibale.


After botching a kidnapping, two criminals hide with their victim in a friends house in the jungle. After one of them rapes the friend's wife, they're left to be eaten by a nearby cannibal tribe.

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