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Coordinates: 32°00′35″S 115°51′22″E / 32.009605°S 115.856154°E / -32.009605; 115.856154

Canning Bridge
Transperth Canning Bridge Train Station.jpg
Location Kwinana Freeway, Canning Highway
Applecross, Como
Operated by Transperth Trains
Distance 7.3 km (4.5 mi) from Perth
Platforms 2 (2 side)
Bus routes 10
Bus stands 4
Structure type Open Station
Other information
Station code RCE
Fare zone 1
The platform level of the Canning Bridge Station.

Canning Bridge Station is a railway station located in Como, Western Australia. Situated in the Kwinana Freeway median, and within the Canning Highway interchange, it also features integrated bus services at the adjoining Canning Bridge bus station. It is served by the inter-urban Mandurah line, with services to both the Perth CBD and the neighbouring city of Mandurah. Canning Bridge Railway Station transit interchange is operating beyond its design capacity and requires upgrading to improve bus connections and pedestrian access.[1]


The station was originally constructed as a bus transfer station, enabling passengers to transfer between bus routes using Kwinana Freeway and those serving Canning Highway. During construction of the Mandurah Railway, the freeway-level bus platforms were removed and converted to rail platforms. To make room for the rail corridor, the 120 metre long, 1800 tonne Canning Highway bus bridge was moved 9.5 metres southwest by pulling the bridge sideways over Teflon mats. This was a more economical alternative to constructing a completely new bridge. The move did not disrupt ongoing traffic on the Kwinana Freeway.

Along with the rest of the Mandurah Line, Canning Bridge has been quite successful in attracting passengers; Minister of Planning and Infrastructure Alannah MacTiernan noted that Canning Bridge was 154% above projected ridership forecasts, a feat she claimed proved that "it is surely time for the Opposition transport spokesperson to note that he got it wrong," referencing the reluctance to re-align the Mandurah Line to parallel the Kwinana Freeway.[2]


Canning Bridge is on the Mandurah Line of the Transperth Trains network, a hybrid metro-commuter rail system with six lines in metropolitan Perth. As such, it receives trains northbound to central Perth and southbound to the suburbs of Mandurah and Rockingham. Three stopping patterns serve Canning Bridge station: all stations, K, and W.[3] There is also a C-pattern train on the Mandurah Line but it skips Canning Bridge.[3]

An all stations train takes between 43 and 46 minutes, averaging 85 km/h (53 mph), to arrive at Mandurah.[3] K-pattern trains operate locally to Cockburn Central and then run express to Rockingham, taking 26 minutes to do so at an average of 82.8 km/h (51.4 mph).[3] W-pattern trains stop at all stations and terminate at Cockburn Central, taking 12 minutes averaging 66 km/h (41 mph).[3] All trains, regardless of their pattern, take nine minutes to arrive at Perth underground, averaging 49 km/h (30 mph).[3]

Station layout[edit]

Canning Bridge uses a simple side platform layout with two tracks. Platform 1 is used by trains bound for Perth underground station (these trains generally continue onto the Joondalup Line) whilst platform 2 is used by trains heading south towards Mandurah. Access to the station is provided from the busway platforms in the centre of the Canning Highway with stairways down to each platform with SmartRider scanners at platform level (Canning Bridge is an open station and has no faregates).[4] The Canning Bridge facility has a side platform layout rather than a center platform layout used on the other freeway based railway stations on the Mandurah railway line due to reuse of the platforms and other infrastructure from the Canning Bridge bus station.

Stop no. Platform Line Stopping pattern Destination Notes
[3018] Canning Bridge station platforms
99631 Transperth platform 1W.svg Mandurah All stations Perth underground
99632 Transperth platform 2W.svg Mandurah All stations Mandurah
K Rockingham
W Cockburn Central W-pattern shuttle peak time weekdays only.

Bus routes[edit]

As the Canning Bridge station is integrated into the Canning Bridge bus station, bus/train transfers are accommodated.

Route Number Destination / Description
[23846] Stand 1
    148 to Como via Davilak Street
    910 to Esplanade Busport via Canning Highway
[11969] Stand 2
    111, 158 to WACA, East Perth via Kwinana Freeway
    150, 160 to Terrace Road, East Perth via Kwinana Freeway
    881 to Wellington Street bus station (Limited Stop) via Kwinana Freeway
    909 Rail Replacement Service to Perth
[23845] Stand 3
    100 to Curtin University via Manning and Kent Street
    101 to Curtin University via Manning and Lawson Street
[11968] Stand 4
    111 to Fremantle Station via Canning Highway
    148 to Fremantle Station via Applecross and Attadale
    150 to Booragoon bus station via Coomoora Road
    158 to Fremantle Station via Attdale and Bicton
    160 to Fremantle Station via Booragoon Bus Station
    881 to Munster (Limited Stop) via Booragoon Bus Station and Palmyra
    910 to Fremantle Station via Canning Highway
    940 to Hamilton Hill (Limited Stop) via Booragoon Bus Station, Winthrop and Kardinya
    909 Rail Replacement Service to Mandurah


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