Cannington Brook

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Cannington Brook
Cannington Brook - - 447714.jpg
Cannington Brook flowing under a bridge
Country England
State Somerset
Source Hawkridge Reservoir
 - location Spaxton, Somerset, England
 - coordinates 51°07′09″N 3°08′02″W / 51.11917°N 3.13389°W / 51.11917; -3.13389
Mouth River Parrett
 - location Combwich, Somerset, England
 - coordinates 51°09′45″N 3°02′04″W / 51.16250°N 3.03444°W / 51.16250; -3.03444Coordinates: 51°09′45″N 3°02′04″W / 51.16250°N 3.03444°W / 51.16250; -3.03444

Cannington brook is a stream in Somerset, England that originates in the Quantock Hills,[1][2] which is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.[3]

Various streams, including Peart Water, flow into Hawkridge Reservoir near Spaxton, which was built between 1960 and 1962,[4] to provide drinking water for Bridgwater. The Peart Water continues in a northeast direction to the Ashford Reservoir which was constructed in 1934.[5] Below the Ashford Reservoir the Peart Water joins the Currypool Stream to form the Cannington brook.[1]

The brook discharges into the River Parrett,[1] south east of Combwich.


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