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Cannon Truck 2001.jpg
Cannon, Truck Festival July 2001
Background information
Origin Glasgow, Scotland
Genres Post-rock
Years active 1999–2003
Labels Cannon Music
Associated acts Uncle John & Whitelock, Laki Mera, Fiddlers' Bid, Adopted as Holograph
Website Cannon
Past members David Philp - Guitar
Jonny Williamson - Guitar
Stuart Henderson - Guitar
Tom Pettigrew - Drums
Andrew Gifford - Bass
Tim Harbinson - Drums
Craig Sinclair - Bass
Trevor Helliwell - Sound Engineer

Cannon were a five-piece, instrumental post-rock band, based in Glasgow, Scotland.


Cannon was formed in early 1999 by guitarists David Philp, Stuart Henderson, and Jonny Williamson. The band lineup was completed by the addition of Andrew Gifford of Fiddlers' Bid on bass and drummer Tom Pettigrew.

Gigging throughout Scotland, Cannon played alongside bands such as Interpol, Bis, The Cooper Temple Clause and Medal, as well as appearances at music festivals such as Truck in 2001[1] and T in the Park in 2002. The band were championed by DJ Vic Galloway, their records getting regular play on his BBC Radio Scotland show, "Air", and they were invited to record a live session for the show.

Pettigrew left the band in late 2001 and was replaced by former Juliet Turner and Duke Special sideman Tim Harbinson.[2] Gifford left several months later, and was replaced by Craig Sinclair.

Cannon disbanded in 2003.[3] Philp went on to play in Glasgow 'horror blues' band, Uncle John & Whitelock,[4][5] and was guitarist on Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan's 2008 European tour. Harbinson went on to join electronica band Laki Mera along with Trevor Helliwell, Cannon's sound engineer.[2] Philp, Gifford and Pettigrew later formed Adopted as Holograph, playing gypsy influenced folk music.


Cannon's music, by virtue of its instrumental nature and the relative complexity of its arrangements has been described as post-rock or math rock. Comparisons have been made with bands such as Mogwai and Slint[1] but also with 1980s alternative rock band the Cocteau Twins.[6]


Cannon album cover

Studio albums[edit]

  • Cannon (2008)


  • Soothsayer (2001)


  • T Break 2002 (2002)
  • Gdansk (2003)


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