Cannon Busters

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Cannon Busters
Cover of Cannon Busters #0 (2004). Illustration by Rey.
Publication information
PublisherDevil's Due
FormatOngoing series
Publication dateMarch 2005
No. of issues2
Creative team
Written byJ. Torres
LeSean Thomas
Artist(s)Corey Lewis (issue #0)
Penciller(s)LeSean Thomas
Colorist(s)James Lewis

Cannon Busters is an American fantasy comic book series by LeSean Thomas, launched in March 2005.

Publication history[edit]

The first issue of the series was due to be published by Com.x in 2003,[1] but moved to Devil's Due in 2004[2][3] but was published in 2005. It was well received by critics and fans, but due to a very busy schedule, Thomas has decided to reprint and continue the series as an original graphic novel. The graphic novel was due to come out in 2009 and it was speculated that it would have feature a few guest artists.[4] However the graphic novel has long since been put on hold.


  • Philly the Kid - A seventeen-year-old outlaw and the youngest wanted criminal in the western regions of Gearbolt. He accompanies Samberry on her journey.
  • Samberry - A young girl drone who is separated from her owner, Prince Toji.
  • Prince Toji - The prince of Gearbolt.
  • Lock - A very dark, mysterious man who is in search of the Last Heart which will unlock the secret of Gearbolt, and the power of Mora.
  • 9ine - An alcoholic ronin who assists Samberry on her journey to find Prince Toji.
  • Casey Turnbuckle - An abandoned assistant and junk mechanic with an admiration for flying.


  • Cannon Busters #0 (2004, Udon Comics/Devil's Due)
  • Cannon Busters #1 (2005, Udon Comics/Devil's Due)
  • Cannon Busters #2 (2005, Udon Comics/Devil's Due)


In 2014, LeSean Thomas started a crowdfunding drive through Kickstarter for an animated adaptation of Cannon Busters.[5] Helping with the project are Tim Yoon who worked as a producer for shows such as The Legend of Korra and Batman: Under the Red Hood, comic book artist Joe Madureira who will assist with character designs. Animation is to be done by Japanese animation studio Satelight.

The first episode was released to backers on July 8, 2016.

On August 2, 2017, it was announced that Cannon Busters will be released on Netflix.[6] It is slated to be a 12-episode series. On July 6, 2018, Netflix announced a March 1, 2019 premiere date.[7] However, the series was delayed as it was not included in the Netflix slate for March 2019.[8]

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