Cannone da 75/32 modello 37

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Cannone da 75/32 modello 37
Type Field gun
Place of origin  Italy
Service history
Used by  Italy
 Nazi Germany
Weight travelling 1,250 kg (2,760 lb)
firing 1,200 kg (2,600 lb)

Shell 6.3 kg (14 lb)
Caliber 75 mm (3.0 in)
Elevation −10° to +45°
Traverse 50°
Muzzle velocity 624 m/s (2,050 ft/s)
Maximum firing range 12,500 m (13,700 yd)

The Cannone da 75/32 modello 37 was an Italian field gun used during World War II. (The designation meant that the gun had a 75 mm caliber, the barrel was 32 caliber-lengths long and it was accepted for service in 1937).


The Cannone da 75/32 was designed by Ansaldo and the first examples were produced in 1937.

After Italy surrendered, guns captured by Germany were designated 7.5 cm FK248(i).

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