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Cannoneer Jabůrek (Czech: Kanonýr Jabůrek), published in 1884, is a cantastoria that mocks war heroism.[1][2][3] [4]It is one of the most popular parodies of the Czech form known as kramářská píseň.[2]

The song is a story of a valiant cannoneer Jabůrek who, as the song says, took part in the battle of Hradec Králové (battle of Sadová) (1866). Even after the enemy's cannonballs tore off both his arms, he continued to load his cannon with bare feet, etc. When his head was torn off, it flew to the general and said: "I am reporting, but sorry I cannot salute." No real event is described in the song; however, at the times there were newspaper reports and legends describing various kinds of exaggerated heroism.[1][2]

The brave cannoneer is in the center of the plot of a satirical radio play Jaburek by Austrian playwright Franz Hiesel.[5]

There is a tavern U Kanonýra Jabůrka in Sadová.[5][6]

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