Cannonsville Reservoir

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Cannonsville Reservoir
Cannonsville Reservoir from the air.jpg
Location Delaware County, New York
Coordinates 42°05′18″N 75°19′26″W / 42.0883°N 75.3238°W / 42.0883; -75.3238Coordinates: 42°05′18″N 75°19′26″W / 42.0883°N 75.3238°W / 42.0883; -75.3238
Type reservoir
Primary inflows West Branch Delaware River
Primary outflows West Branch Delaware River,
West Delaware Tunnel
Catchment area 455 sq mi (1,180 km2)
Basin countries United States
Water volume 362,000,000 m3 (0.087 cu mi)

The Cannonsville Reservoir is a reservoir in Delaware County, New York, that was formed by the Cannonsville Dam at the west end of the reservoir, impounding over half of the West Branch of the Delaware River. It is the westernmost of New York City's reservoirs, being at the western portion of the Delaware Watershed. Placed in service in 1964, it is the most recently constructed New York City-owned reservoir. The town of Cannonsville was destroyed to make room for the reservoir. The reservoir lies within the towns of Tompkins and Deposit.

The entrance to the Cannonsville Reservoir
Cannonsville Res at Deposit, NY
Cannonsville Res. at Hancock NY

It has the largest drainage basin of all of the NYC reservoirs, being at 455 square miles (1178 km2). The reservoir's capacity is 95.7 billion US gallons (362,000,000 m3). This water flows over halfway through the reservoir to enter the 44-mile (71 km) West Delaware Tunnel in Tompkins, New York. Then it flows through the aqueduct into the Rondout Reservoir, where the water enters the 85-mile (137 km) Delaware Aqueduct.

The Delaware Aqueduct then continues through the West Branch Reservoir and the Kensico Reservoir in Westchester and Putnam counties north of the city. The aqueduct continues further south through the Hillview Reservoir in Yonkers, and then continues through The Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn, eventually ending in Staten Island, providing New York City with about 50% of their drinking water.

The Cannonsville Dam is being considered as a site for a 14.08MW hydroelectric generating station.[1]


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