Cannot Buy My Soul

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Cannot Buy My Soul
Cannot Buy My Soul.jpg
Compilation album
Released 17 February 2007
Genre folk, country, bluegrass, pop
Label Virgin, EMI

Cannot Buy My Soul: The Songs of Kev Carmody is a 2007 double CD compilation tribute album featuring various artists singing the songs of Australian singer-songwriter Kev Carmody, brought together by rock musician Paul Kelly. Artists featured include Dan Kelly, the John Butler Trio, The Waifs and Clare Bowditch. The first disc is titled The Songs of Kev Carmody. The second disc, titled Originals, contains Carmody's original versions of the same songs presented in the same order.[1]

Release and reception[edit]

Paul Kelly met Kev Carmody in the 1980s.[2] They co-wrote the song "From Little Things Big Things Grow", released in 1993. Kelly decided to bring together well-known Australian artists to record a tribute album of Carmody's songs, with the intention of bringing Carmody's music to a wider audience.[3] The album, named after Carmody's song "Cannot Buy My Soul", was released on 17 February 2007 on Virgin Records.[4] It entered the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) albums chart at No. 31 and stayed in the chart for three weeks.[5] It won 'album of the year' at the 12th Deadly Awards in September 2007.[6]

Writing for The Courier-Mail, Noel Mengel praised the album and said that it was "more than just another tribute album [...] a powerful album in its own right as well as an introduction to a diverse body of work". He noted the diversity of styles of the cover versions and called Paul Kelly, Augie March and Missy Higgins' version of "Droving Woman" "stunning".[7] Patrick Donovan from The Age said that the album contained a well-chosen selection of tracks. He called Clare Bowditch's version of "Blood Red Rose" "stunning" and said that "This Land Is Mine", sung by Scott Wilson and Dan Sultan, was "evocative".[1] In October 2010, the album was listed in the top 40 in the book, 100 Best Australian Albums.[8]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Kev Carmody, except tracks 5 and 10 which were written by Kev Carmody and Paul Kelly.

Disc One
No. Title Artist Length
1. "I've Been Moved" Dan Kelly 3:39
2. "Thou Shalt Not Steal" John Butler Trio 4:50
3. "Elly" Bernard Fanning 4:47
4. "The Young Dancer Is Dead" The Last Kinection 3:02
5. "From Little Things Big Things Grow" The Waifs 5:13
6. "River of Tears" The Drones 4:24
7. "On the Wire" Troy Cassar-Daley 3:43
8. "Cannot Buy My Soul" Archie Roach 2:47
9. "Moonstruck" Sara Storer 3:15
10. "This Land Is Mine" Scott Wilson, Dan Sultan 4:06
11. "Darkside" Tex Perkins 5:46
12. "Blood Red Rose" Clare Bowditch 4:59
13. "Comrade Jesus Christ" The Herd 4:14
14. "Images of London" Steve Kilbey 5:15
15. "Droving Woman" Paul Kelly, Glenn Richards, Missy Higgins 8:44
16. "Eulogy for a Black Man" The Pigram Brothers 4:42
Disc Two
No. Title Artist Length
1. "I've Been Moved" Kev Carmody 2:50
2. "Thou Shalt Not Steal" Kev Carmody 4:54
3. "Elly" Kev Carmody 4:53
4. "The Young Dancer Is Dead" Kev Carmody 3:34
5. "From Little Things Big Things Grow" Kev Carmody 5:49
6. "River of Tears" Kev Carmody 2:32
7. "On the Wire" Kev Carmody 4:39
8. "Cannot Buy My Soul" Kev Carmody 2:34
9. "Moonstruck" Kev Carmody 4:37
10. "This Land Is Mine" Kev Carmody 2:56
11. "Darkside" Kev Carmody 5:23
12. "Blood Red Rose" Kev Carmody 3:22
13. "Comrade Jesus Christ" Kev Carmody 2:13
14. "Images of London" Kev Carmody 5:22
15. "Droving Woman" Kev Carmody 9:17
16. "Eulogy for a Black Man" Kev Carmody 4:12


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