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Canoas Air Force Base
Base Aérea de Canoas
Airport type Military: Air Force Base
Operator Brazilian Air Force
Serves Porto Alegre
Location Canoas, Brazil
Built 1937
In use 1944 – present
Commander Ten. Cel. Av. José Antonio Moraes de Oliveira Filho
Elevation AMSL 8 m / 26 ft
Coordinates 29°56′45″S 051°08′40″W / 29.94583°S 51.14444°W / -29.94583; -51.14444Coordinates: 29°56′45″S 051°08′40″W / 29.94583°S 51.14444°W / -29.94583; -51.14444
SBCO is located in Brazil
Location in Brazil
Direction Length Surface
m ft
12/30 2,751 9,025 Asphalt
Sources: Air Force Base Website,[1] Brazilian Air Force[2]

Canoas Air Force Base – BACO (ICAO: SBCO) is a base of the Brazilian Air Force, located in Canoas, Brazil.


The history of Canoas Air Force Base begins in 1937, when the 3rd Army Aviation Regiment (3º RAv) transferred from Santa Maria Air Force Base to Canoas. With the setting up of the Air Force Ministry in 1941, the 3º RAv became known as Porto Alegre Air Force Base. However, on 21 August 1944, the 3º RAv officially ceased to exist; the same day marked the establishment of Canoas Air Force Base.


The following units are based at Canoas Air Force Base:

Subordinated to the command of the 3rd Air Force (III FAe), which is dedicated to Reconnaissance, Attack, and Combat:

Subordinated to the command of the 5th Regional Air Force Command (V COMAR):

Subordinated to the command of the Department of Airspace Control (DECEA), which is dedicated to the control of the Brazilian Airspace:

  • 2nd Squadron of the 1st Communications and Control Group (2º/1ºGCC), the Aranha Squadron, using radars and equipment for air defense.

Additionally, the Batalhão de Infantaria de Aeronáutica Especial de Canoas (BINFAE-CO), an Infantry Battalion of the Brazilian Air Force that guards the Base, is also based at Canoas Air Force Base.

Accidents and incidents[edit]


The base is located 6 km east of downtown Canoas and 21 km north of downtown Porto Alegre.


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