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Canoe & Kayak UK
Cover of September 2010 magazine
September 2010 issue
Managing editor Jason Smith [1]
Categories Sports magazine
Frequency Monthly
First issue March 4, 2001 (2001-March-04)[citation needed]
Company Warners Group Publications [2]
Country United Kingdom
Based in Bourne, Lincolnshire
Language English

Canoe & Kayak UK is a best-selling[citation needed] British canoeing magazine. Published worldwide, it covers all branches of British canoeing and kayaking, but is primarily focused on sea, surf and whitewater paddling. The magazine team can be seen at many canoeing and outdoor sports event throughout the UK, such as the Kendal Mountain Festival, Ordnance Survey Outdoors Show[citation needed] and the National Student Rodeo.[3]


Canoe & Kayak UK has been published monthly in the UK since March 4, 2001 by Warners Group Publications,[2] under their Warners Midlands PLC subsidiary, as part of their outdoor and sporting stable.

Regular features[edit]

The magazine has a number of features which appear every month in the magazine.

  • The Floater – A comment article from an anonymous contributor known only as "The Floater", much like The Stig of the paddling world.[1][4] His column is invariably comedic and his subjects of discourse range from swans to the Olympics.
  • Horizon Lines – The news section, mainly covering paddling news within Britain or of British boaters. Also included within these pages are:
    • RAC News – There is a column from Tamsin Phipps detailing the latest news about the Rivers Access Campaign or related to water access issues and government proceedings related to the issue.
    • Technobabble – A column with excerpts from the forum or website. These may often be photos which have been posted by users on the website, or a question which someone has asked on the forum.
  • EDCASE – A page written by Ed Smith, a leading whitewater and freestyle kayaker. His column is often autobiographical and mainly concerned with the whitewater and freestyle scene within the UK.
  • Most Wanted – A multi page section with details of newly released kit, and clothing. There is generally a short opinion statement from the magazine testers but the equipment featured has not been tested robustly by the testing team.
  • The Toolbox – A regular feature written by Ross Montandon, the assistant editor of the magazine. It provides tips on successful and best practice coaching of canoeing and kayaking.
  • PyB – A section written each month by one of the top coaches at Plas y Brenin, the Welsh national outdoor centre. The article may be anything from rescue technique to a guide on what kit to take on a multi-day trip or expedition.
  • River Jabber – One of the longest running features, in this section a prominent canoeist is interviewed on the subject of their favourite river or place to paddle. The questions follow the same pattern each month, asking the best and worst experiences the paddler has had on the river.
  • CKUK Women – Written by Emily Wall, this is a special section dedicated to women and their involvement in the sport. It may be of a philosophical nature, or may feature women who have been very successful canoeists.
  • Club Scene – Each month members of the team travel to a Canoe Club in the UK, and attend one of their meetings.
  • Competition – Each month there is a competition for a piece of kit, often a kayak or newly released piece of clothing. The competitions are free to enter on-line or can be entered by post.
  • Gear Test – Each month the team test a number of pieces of canoeing gear. The use a large team of staff, so that they can give real opinions on how well the kit works for people of varying sizes and with different amounts of experience.
  • Nosebag – This section outlines a recipe which has been designed for cooking with minimal equipment, ideal for multi day trips.

In addition to the articles in the magazine the Canoe & Kayak website features a section of free articles posted monthly. These articles range from reviews of the latest gear to general how-to articles on getting started.

Local coverage[edit]

The magazine attends local canoeing events across the country, for example during September 2009, staff visited the Wychavon Kayak and Canoe Club for a pool session.[5]

Social networks[edit]

The magazine has its own YouTube channel featuring watersports related video articles and tutorials, in addition to user submitted videos hosted on the magazine website.[6] They also have a Facebook page, where regular updates are posted of upcoming articles from the magazine.[7]


The magazine website hosts a blog section that invites readers to contribute feedback on the magazine and their own articles on canoeing and kayaking locations and events. The site also hosts blogs from staff and official contributors to the magazine.


The magazine also has an internet forum in which the editor and writers regularly interact with the readership. Certain questions are posed on a monthly basis with select answers from forum members appearing in the magazine. Forum users can also request articles to be featured by the lead editor.


The magazine runs regular competitions in which replying readers have a chance to win free watersport and other outdoor activity equipment.[8]


  • Olly Sanders
  • Jim Evans
  • Lucinda Manouch
  • Chris 'Air' Harvey
  • Tom Laws
  • Chris Wheeler
  • Ed Smith[1]


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