Canoeing at the 1948 Summer Olympics – Women's K-1 500 metres

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These are the results of the women's K-1 500 metres competition in canoeing at the 1948 Summer Olympics. The K-1 event is raced by single-person canoe sprint kayaks. Heat and semifinals took place on August 12.


Gold Gold Silver Silver Bronze Bronze
 Karen Hoff (DEN)  Alida van der Anker-Doedens (NED)  Fritzi Schwingl (AUT)


The ten competitors first raced in two heats. The top four finishers in both heats moved directly to the final.

Heat 1
1.  Růžena Košťálová (TCH) 2:39.6 QF
2.  Sylvi Saimo (FIN) 2:41.7 QF
3.  Anna Van Marcke (BEL) 2:44.7 QF
4.  Catherine Vautrin (FRA) 2:45.2 QF
5.  Joyce Richards (GBR) 3:00.1
Heat 2
1.  Karen Hoff (DEN) 2:32.2 QF
2.  Alida van der Anker-Doedens (NED) 2:35.4 QF
3.  Fritzi Schwingl (AUT) 2:35.7 QF
4.  Klára Fried-Bánfalvi (HUN) 2:37.5 QF
5.  Ingrid Wallgren (SWE) 2:38.5


Gold  Karen Hoff (DEN) 2:31.9
Silver  Alida van der Anker-Doedens (NED) 2:32.8
Bronze  Fritzi Schwingl (AUT) 2:32.9
4.  Klára Fried-Bánfalvi (HUN) 2:33.8
5.  Růžena Košťálová (TCH) 2:38.2
6.  Sylvi Saimo (FIN) 2:38.4
7.  Anna Van Marcke (BEL) 2:43.4
8.  Catherine Vautrin (FRA) 2:44.4