Canoeing at the 1952 Summer Olympics – Men's C-1 10000 metres

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Canoeing at the
1952 Summer Olympics
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These are the results of the men's C-1 10000 metres competition in canoeing at the 1952 Summer Olympics. The C-1 event is raced by single-man sprint canoes and took place on July 27.


Gold Gold Silver Silver Bronze Bronze
 Frank Havens (USA)  Gábor Novák (HUN)  Alfréd Jindra (TCH)


With only ten competitors in the event, a final was held.

Rank Athlete Time
1st, gold medalist(s)  Frank Havens (USA) 57:41.1
2nd, silver medalist(s)  Gábor Novák (HUN) 57:49.9
3rd, bronze medalist(s)  Alfréd Jindra (TCH) 57:53.1
4  Bengt Backlund (SWE) 59:08.2
5  Norman Lane (CAN) 59:26.4
6  Jarl Fagerström (FIN) 59:45.9
7  Franz Johannsen (GER) 1:00:26.5
8  Robert Boutigny (FRA) 1:01:15.2
9  Gerald Marchand (GBR) 1:02:21.7
10  Pavel Kharin (URS) 1:03:03.2

After his victory, Havens sent a telegraph to his father Bill, who missed the eights rowing event at the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris to be with his wife during Frank's childbirth. The telegram ended with "I'm coming home with the gold medal you should've won."