Canoeing at the 1952 Summer Olympics – Men's K-2 10000 metres

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Canoeing at the
1952 Summer Olympics
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C-1 1000 m men
C-1 10000 m men
C-2 1000 m men
C-2 10000 m men
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K-1 1000 m men
K-1 10000 m men
K-2 1000 m men
K-2 10000 m men

These are the results of the men's K-2 10000 metres competition in canoeing at the 1952 Summer Olympics. The K-2 event is raced by two-man canoe sprint kayaks.


Gold Gold Silver Silver Bronze Bronze
 Kurt Wires
and Yrjö Hietanen (FIN)
 Gunnar Åkerlund
and Hans Wetterström (SWE)
 Ferenc Varga
and József Gurovits (HUN)


The final took place July 27.

Gold  Kurt Wires and Yrjö Hietanen (FIN) 44:21.3
Silver  Gunnar Åkerlund and Hans Wetterström (SWE) 44:21.7
Bronze  Ferenc Varga and József Gurovits (HUN) 44:26.6
4.  Max Raub and Herbert Wiedermann (AUT) 44:29.1
5.  Ivar Mathisen and Knut Østby (NOR) 45:04.7
6.  Karl-Heinz Schäfer and Meinrad Miltenberger (GER) 45:15.2
7.  Rudolf Klabouch and Bedřich Dvořák (TCH) 45:39.6
8.  Ingvard Nørregaard and Svend Frømming (DEN) 45:59.6
9.  Cees Koch and Jan Klingers (NED) 46:09.6
10.  Igor Feoktisov and Nikolay Teterkin (URS) 47:00.9
11.  William Bridgen and James Nickel (CAN) 47:53.2
12.  Heinrich Hess and Kurt Zimmer (SAA) 48:05.6
13.  Josy Koelsch and Georges Kunz (FRA) 48:23.2
14.  John Anderson and Paul Bochenwich (USA) 48:30.7
15.  Graham Palmer and Raymond Parker (GBR) 48:32.6
16.  Werner Müller and Werner Bieri (SUI) 49:21.2
17.  Raffaele Bastoni and Dante Agostini (ITA) 49:21.8
18.  Eugène Hanck and Roland Licker (LUX) 50:08.4