Canoeing at the 2004 Summer Olympics – Women's K-2 500 metres

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Canoeing at the
2004 Summer Olympics
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C-1 men
C-2 men
K-1 men women
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C-1 500 m   men  
C-1 1000 m men
C-2 500 m men
C-2 1000 m men
K-1 500 m men women
K-1 1000 m men
K-2 500 m men women
K-2 1000 m men
K-4 500 m women
K-4 1000 m men

These are the results of the women's K-2 500 metres competition in canoeing at the 2004 Summer Olympics. The K-2 event is raced by two-person canoe sprint kayaks.


Gold Gold Silver Silver Bronze Bronze
 Katalin Kovács and Nataša Janić (HUN)  Birgit Fischer and Carolin Leonhardt (GER)  Aneta Pastuszka and Beata Sokołowska-Kulesza (POL)


The 15 teams first raced in two heats. The top three finishers in each heat advanced directly to the final, and the remaining nine teams advanced to the semifinal. No teams were eliminated in the heats. The heats were raced on August 24.

Heat 1
1.  Katalin Kovács and Nataša Janić (HUN) 1:38.606 QF
2.  Beatriz Manchon and Maria Teresa Portela (ESP) 1:41.338 QF
3.  Caroline Brunet and Mylanie Barre (CAN) 1:43.434 QF
4.  Shinobu Kitamoto and Yumiko Suzuki (JPN) 1:44.730 QS
5.  Anne Laure Viard and Marie Delattre (FRA) 1:45.090 QS
6.  Kathryn Colin and Lauren Spalding (USA) 1:45.158 QS
7.  Florica Vulpeş and Lidia Talpă (ROU) 1:45.386 QS
8.  Natalya Sergeyeva and Ellina Uzhakhova (KAZ) 1:46.710 QS
Heat 2
1.  Birgit Fischer and Carolin Leonhardt (GER) 1:39.588 QF
2.  Xu Linbei and Zhong Hongyan (CHN) 1:40.943 QF
3.  Aneta Pastuszka and Beata Sokołowska-Kulesza (POL) 1:41.164 QF
4.  Sofia Paldanius and Anna Karlsson (SWE) 1:44.059 QS
5.  Delyana Dacheva and Bonka Pindzheva (BUL) 1:44.268 QS
6.  Hanna Puchkova and Alena Bets (BLR) 1:45.279 QS
7.  Paula Harvey and Susan Tegg (AUS) 1:46.319 QS


The top three finishers in the semifinal race qualified for the final, joining the six teams that had advanced directly from the heats. The other six teams were eliminated. The semifinal was raced on August 26.

1.  Delyana Dacheva and Bonka Pindzheva (BUL) 1:44.246 QF
2.  Sofia Paldanius and Anna Karlsson (SWE) 1:44.570 QF
3.  Hanna Puchkova and Alena Bets (BLR) 1:45.234 QF
4.  Anne Laure Viard and Marie Delattre (FRA) 1:45.626
5.  Florica Vulpeş and Lidia Talpă (ROU) 1:45.770
6.  Natalya Sergeyeva and Ellina Uzhakhova (KAZ) 1:46.214
7.  Kathryn Colin and Lauren Spalding (USA) 1:46.786
8.  Shinobu Kitamoto and Yumiko Suzuki (JPN) 1:47.614
9.  Paula Harvey and Susan Tegg (AUS) 1:51.402


The final was raced on August 28.

Gold  Katalin Kovács and Nataša Janić (HUN) 1:38.101
Silver  Birgit Fischer and Carolin Leonhardt (GER) 1:39.533
Bronze  Aneta Pastuszka and Beata Sokołowska-Kulesza (POL) 1:40.077
4.  Xu Linbei and Zhong Hongyan (CHN) 1:40.913
5.  Beatriz Manchon and Maria Teresa Portela (ESP) 1:42.409
6.  Delyana Dacheva and Bonka Pindzheva (BUL) 1:42.553
7.  Caroline Brunet and Mylanie Barre (CAN) 1:42.833
8.  Sofia Paldanius and Anna Karlsson (SWE) 1:43.077
9.  Hanna Puchkova and Alena Bets (BLR) 1:43.729