Canoeing with the Cree

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Canoeing with the Cree
Author Eric Sevareid
Country United States
Language English
Publisher The MacMillan Company
Publication date
Media type Print

Canoeing with the Cree is a 1935 book by Eric Sevareid recounting a canoe trip by Sevareid and his friend, Walter Port.

During the 1930 trip, sponsored by the Minneapolis Star, Sevareid and Port canoed more than 2,250 miles from Minneapolis, Minnesota to York Factory on the Hudson Bay.

The complete route took them up the Minnesota River and its tributary, the Little Minnesota River to Browns Valley, Minnesota. Sevareid and Port portaged to Lake Traverse and descended the Bois des Sioux River to the Red River of the North, which led to Lake Winnipeg, finally paddling down the Nelson River, Gods River, and Hayes River to Hudson Bay.

The book's title refers to Sevareid and Port encountering and interacting with the Cree nation on Lake Winnipeg during their journey.[1][2]

Canoeing with the Cree served as the crucial literary inspiration for Minnesota aviation pioneer Scott D. Anderson's 1990 book, Distant Fires, where Anderson and a friend retraced the journey of Sevareid and Port from Duluth to York Factory.[3] The book went on to gain statewide success and an American Library Association award.


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