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Canon Blue is an indie/electronic/folktronica[1][2] project by Nashville-based artist/producer Daniel James.[3] On October 6, 2011, NPR world cafe called the band "up and coming".[3][4] Canon Blue notably opened for several Foster the People shows in June 2011[5] and their song "Indian Summer (Des Moines)" was featured on NPR as October 28, 2011's "Song-of-the-day".[6]

2007 album: Colonies[edit]

Their debut album Colonies was released on Rumraket records on 17 September 2007. It was mixed by Chris Taylor oand mastered by Cristian Vogel.

2011 album: Rumspringa[edit]

Canon Blue's new album Rumspringa was also produced by Rumraket and was released August 29, 2011.[7] Musical collaborators on this album include multi-instrumentalist Chris Taylor[8] and the Icelandic string band Amiina.[8]


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