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The Canon EF-S 55–250mm f/4–5.6 IS lenses are a series of telephoto zoom lenses for Canon EOS digital single-lens reflex cameras with a Canon EF-S lens mount.[1][2]

All versions of the lens provide a 35 mm equivalent focal length of 88–400mm, and are advertised by Canon as providing four-stop image stabilization. Additionally, it has a high maximum magnification ratio for a non-macro lens.

The first lens was released in America in mid-April 2008 for a retail price of US$255, and advertised as a companion to the Canon EF-S 18–55mm IS.

The Mark II version of the lens was announced June 2011, identical in specification to the previous version and featuring exactly the same optics and IS system but with a revised external design.[3][4]

In August 2013 a new version of the lens was announced, featuring a revised optical formula and Canon's STM (stepping motor) technology. This lens shipped to retailers in late September 2013 and was initially priced at US$350.[5][6]


Attribute f/4–5.6 IS f/4–5.6 IS II f/4–5.6 IS STM
Image Canon 55-250mm IS.JPG Canon EF-S 55-250 mm F4-5.6 IS II lens.JPG Canon EFS 55-250 STM.jpg
Key features
Full-frame compatible No No
Image stabilizer Yes Yes
Environmental sealing No No
Ultrasonic Motor No No
Stepping Motor No No Yes Yes
L-series No No
Diffractive Optics No No
Macro No No
Zoom Lock Lever No No
Technical data
Focal length (max/min) 55–250mm (35 mm equivalent of 88–400mm)
Aperture (max/min) f/4–5.6 / f/22–32
Construction 12 elements / 10 groups 15 elements / 12 groups
# of diaphragm blades 7 (circular aperture)
Closest focusing distance 1.1 m (3.61 ft) 0.85 m (2.79 ft)
Max. magnification 0.31x 0.29x
Horizontal viewing angle 23°20'–5°20'
Vertical viewing angle 15°40'–3°30'
Diagonal viewing angle 27°50'–6°15'
Physical data
Weight 390 g (13.75 oz) 375 g (13.2 oz)
Maximum diameter 70 mm (2.76")
Length 108 mm (4.25") 111.2 mm (4.7")
Filter diameter 58mm
Lens case LP1019
Lens hood ET-60 ET-63
Retail information
Release date November 2007 July 2011 August 2013
Currently in production? No No Yes Yes No No[7]
MSRP US$ $255.00 $299.99 $399.99


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