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Canon ELPH APS Camera

The Canon ELPH (also known as IXUS in Europe and IXY in Japan) series includes several popular compact point and shoot cameras built between 1996 and 2002.

Film Format[edit]

All ELPH cameras used the Advanced Photo System (APS) film format and were known for being very compact and stylish. The companion line of digital cameras, the Digital ELPH series, remains in production.


Model (US) Model (Europe) Model (Japan) Release date
ELPH 490Z IXUS Z90 IXY G June 1996
ELPH 10 AF IXUS AF-S IXY 20 October 1996
ELPH 10 IXUS FF25 IXY 10 November 1996
ELPH 260Z Z60 IX IXY 25 July 1997
ELPH Jr. IXUS L-1 IXY 310 September 1997
ELPH Limited IXUS Limited IXY Limited September 1997
ELPH 370Z IXUS Z70 IXY 330 March 1998
ELPH LT IXUS M-1 IXY 210 September 1998
n/a IXUS FF n/a March 1999
ELPH 2 IXUS II IXY 320 March 1999
ELPH Sport IXUS X-1 IXY D5 November 1999
ELPH LT260 IXUS Z50 IXY 220 March 2000
ELPH LT270 IXUS Z65 IXY 230 February 2001
ELPH Shades Glacier IXUS Concept Summer n/a March 2002
ELPH Shades Sunshine IXUS Concept Arancia n/a March 2002
ELPH Z3 IXUS III IXY i March 2002

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