Canon EOS 300

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Canon EOS 300
Canon EOS 300, 1803122013, ako.jpg
Type35mm SLR
Lens mountCanon EF lens mount
FocusTTL Phase Detection Autofocus (7 zone)
ExposurePASM autoexposure
35 zone evaluative metering
FlashBuilt-in flash
Frame rate1.5 frame/s
Dimensions140 x 90 x 58.5 mm, 335g[1]

The Canon EOS 300 (EOS Kiss III in Japan, EOS Rebel 2000 in North America)[2] is a consumer-level 35mm single-lens reflex camera, produced by Canon of Japan from April 1999 until September 2002 as part of their EOS system.[1] Designed under the supervision of Yasuhiro Morishita, the camera was intended as a replacement for the Canon EOS 500N.[3] The camera was a success for Canon, selling exceedingly well and dominating its market sector until it was replaced by the EOS 300V (Rebel Ti, Kiss 5).[4][5] Canon EOS 300 won European Imaging and Sound Association Award 1999-2000. Like other low-priced SLRs of the time, the EOS 300 used a pentamirror viewfinder instead of a pentaprism, and had a polycarbonate body.[6]

The autofocus capabilities of this camera were identical to Canon's much more expensive Elan 7 with six single-line CMOS sensors surrounding a central cross-type sensor.[7]

The EOS 300 should not be confused with the later Canon EOS 300D (EOS Digital Rebel in the US and EOS Kiss Digital in Japan), a popular entry-level digital SLR from 2003.


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