Canon EOS 500N

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Canon EOS 500N
Canon EOS RebelGp2.jpg
Type35 mm SLR
Lens mountCanon EF lens mount
FocusTTL Phase Detection Autofocus
ExposureComposite SPC for TTL full-aperture metering (6-zone evaluative, 9.5% partial at center, and centerweighted averaging)
FlashBuilt-in flash
Frame rate1 frame/s
Dimensions146 x 92 x 62 mm, 400 g[1]

The Canon EOS 500N[2] originally known in Japan as the New EOS Kiss, and EOS Rebel G In North America. Was in introduced in 1996[3] and in 1999, the Rebel 2000 replaced the Rebel G.

Specs of the EOS 500N/Rebel G[edit]

The Rebel G is a 35mm Single-Lens Reflex[4]film camera[3]. The body of the Rebel G is plastic, weighing at 370g. The only colors available were black or a mix of silver and black[5]. One of the features is that the Rebel G has an EF lens mount[4] making it compatible with any EF lens. The viewfinder offers a 0.7x magnification, 90% coverage, center auto focus, wide auto focus and many more.[5] The Rebel G shooting modes consisted of 6 basic modes, full auto, portrait, landscape, macro, sports and night scene. It also has 5 advanced modes, P, Av, Tv, M, A-DEP.[4] These modes would continue on in the Rebel G series. The camera features a built in flash, and it had a frame per second rate of 1(FPS). The fastest shutter speed with flash was measured at 1/90 of a second.[6]


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