Canon TX

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Canon TX
Type 35mm SLR camera
Lens mount Canon FD lens mount
Focus manual
Exposure manual
Flash hot shoe

The Canon TX was a 35mm single-lens reflex camera manufactured by Canon of Japan from September 1974. It featured a Canon FD lens mount, and was also compatible with Canon's earlier FL-mount lenses in stop-down metering mode. The TX was a cheaper version of the Canon FTb for the export market, as was the slightly earlier TLb. Compared to the TLb, the TX had a hot shoe for flash.

Compared to the FTb, the TX had a top shutter speed of only 1/500. The meter was center-weighted rather than the 12% partial meter of the FTb. It also dispensed with the self-timer and MLU of the FTb, although it did retain the depth of field preview lever and support for stopped-down metering. The TX also did not support the CAT (Canon Auto-Tuning) flash system.

It was also sold in the US as the Bell & Howell FD35.