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Canon’s T series[1] is Canon’s final series of manual focus 35 mm single lens reflex cameras. The first camera, the T50, was introduced in March 1983[2] while the final camera, the T60, was released in April 1990[3]. All have a Canon FD lens mount compatible with Canon’s extensive range of manual-focus lenses.

The T series attempted to update the SLR concept. In the early 1980s, the SLR market share was declining with the increased popularity of highly automated 35 mm compact cameras; the T series introduced much more automation to the SLR camera, making it almost as easy to use as a point and shoot camera.

The final model, the Canon T60, was the odd one out; it was introduced after the FD manual lens mount was already obsolete, and while it carried over a few T-series styling cues, it was a manual camera supporting only aperture priority auto-exposure. In addition, it was not even made by Canon themselves; they subcontracted the manufacture to Cosina, and the chassis itself was based upon that of the Cosina CT-1.