Canon de 16 Gribeauval

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Canon de 16 Gribeauval
Canon de 16 Gribeauval pour les sieges before 1923.jpg
Canon de 16 Gribeauval, for siege warfare.
Place of origin France
Service history
Used by France
Wars French Revolutionary Wars
Napoleonic Wars
Production history
Designer Jean Baptiste Vaquette de Gribeauval
Weight 2,000 kg
Barrel length 336 cm

Caliber 133.7 mm [1]

The Canon de 16 Gribeauval was a French cannon and part of the Gribeauval system developed by Jean Baptiste Vaquette de Gribeauval. It was part of the siege artillery.[1]

Canon de 16 Gribeauval, Le Briseur, An 3 de la République (1794-1795). Caliber: 134 mm. Weight: 2,047 kg. Founder: François Bouquero. Les Invalides.
Canon de 16, Le Briseur.
Canon de 16 Gribeauval, Le Sonnant, An 3 de la République (1794-1795), rebuilt in 1874 as a breech-loader. Caliber: 134 mm. Weight: 1,955 kg. Founder: François Bouquero. Les Invalides.
Inscription on Le Sonnant: "Liberté Egalité. L'an 3 de la République Française".

The canon de 16 Gribeauval was used extensively during the wars following the French Revolution, as well as the Napoleonic wars.

Some of the earlier Gribeauval siege guns kept the baroque "dolphin" design for the handles.[1]


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