Canon de 75 modèle 1922 Schneider

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Canon de 75 modèle 1922 Schneider
Type field gun
Place of origin France
Service history
Used by  Finland[1]
Wars World War II
Production history
Designer Schneider
Manufacturer Schneider
Weight 1,320 kilograms (2,910 lb)
Barrel length 2.347 metres (7 ft 8 in) L/31.3

Shell 6.3 kilograms (14 lb)
Caliber 75 mm (2.95 in)
Carriage split trail
Elevation -5° to +43°
Traverse 50°
Muzzle velocity 600 m/s (1,968 ft/s)
Maximum firing range 12,000 metres (13,000 yd)

The Canon de 75 modèle 1922 Schneider was a field gun designed by Schneider in the early 1920s. France didn't buy any as it had an enormous stock of surplus Canon de 75 modèle 1897 field guns on hand and it was offered for export. Chamberlain and Gander claim that Finland bought some and used them during the Winter War.


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