Canso (Martian crater)

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Martian impact crater Canso based on day THEMIS.png
The crater Canso based on THEMIS day-time image.
Planet Mars
Coordinates 21°36′N 60°42′W / 21.6°N 60.7°W / 21.6; -60.7Coordinates: 21°36′N 60°42′W / 21.6°N 60.7°W / 21.6; -60.7
Diameter 27.4 km
Eponym Canso, Nova Scotia

Canso is a Martian crater. It lies about 450 kilometres west of the Viking 1 lander, slightly northeast of Lunae Planum, and west of Chryse Planitia, in the Lunae Palus quadrangle. The crater is named after Canso, a fishing town in Nova Scotia. The name was officially adopted in 1988 by the International Astronomical Union's Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature (IAU/WGPSN).

Impact craters generally have a rim with ejecta around them, in contrast volcanic craters usually do not have a rim or ejecta deposits. As craters get larger (greater than 10 km in diameter) they usually have a central peak.[1] The peak is caused by a rebound of the crater floor following the impact.[2]

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