Cantabria autonomous basketball team

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National federationCantabrian Basketball Federation
CoachJ. Romano
P. Béjar
Á. Abascal
P. Chico
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The Cantabria autonomous basketball team is the basketball team of Cantabria. The team is not affiliated to FIBA, so only plays friendly games.


Cantabria played its first friendly game on 9 July 2012, against Senegal.[1]


This is the roster of the Cantabria team for the 2012 game.

Cantabria Basketball Team roster
Players Coaches
Pos. No. Name Age – Date of birth Height Club Ctr.
García, Jaime CB Burriana Spain
PG García Peña, David 32 – (1980-02-25)25 February 1980 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in) Pas Piélagos Cantabria
SG Miguel, Alberto 35 – (1977-05-29)29 May 1977 1.88 m (6 ft 2 in) Club Ourense Baloncesto Spain
Gómez, Dani CD La Paz Cantabria
SF Sánchez, Pablo 31 – (1981-03-15)15 March 1981 1.96 m (6 ft 5 in) BC Andorra Andorra
Masa, Paco
Iradier, Carlos
PF Respuela, Raúl 40 – (1972-03-01)1 March 1972 CD La Paz Cantabria
PF Lombera, Álvaro 27 – (1984-08-14)14 August 1984 2.01 m (6 ft 7 in) CD Estela Cantabria
Jenaro, Miguel SAB Torrelavega Cantabria
PF Ruiz, Edu 28 – (1983-08-28)28 August 1983 2.05 m (6 ft 9 in) CB Granada Spain
Fernández, Juanma SAB Torrelavega Cantabria
Head coach
  • Cantabria Joaquín Romano
  • Cantabria Pope Béjar
  • Cantabria Ángel Abascal
  • Cantabria Pablo Chico

  • (C) Team captain
  • Club field describes pro club
    during the 2011–12 season

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