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Shirt badge/Association crest
AssociationFederación Cántabra de Fútbol
Head coachPaco Gento (1997–)
Most capsIván Helguera (2)
Top scorerIñaki (2)
First colours
Second colours
First international
Cantabria Cantabria 3–0 Aragon Aragon
(March 9, 1924)
Biggest win
Cantabria Cantabria 3–0 Latvia Latvia
(December 23, 1997)
Biggest defeat
Cantabria Cantabria 0–1 Estonia 
(December 22, 2000)
Appearances(first in -)
Best result-

The Cantabria autonomous football team is the regional football team for Cantabria, Spain. They are not affiliated with FIFA or UEFA and therefore are only allowed to play friendly matches.


The beginning, the Northern Federation[edit]

In the early 20th century, the Cantabrian players fought encounters between the Spanish regions in a combined team created in 1915 under the name "Team North", which was dominated by players from the Basque Country. In the first Prince of Asturias Cup tournament in Madrid, they beat the Catalan team 1–0 and drew with Centro (a team formed by players from the centre of Spain). In May 1916, "Team North" faced Catalonia twice, winning by 1–3 away and 5–0 at home.

In 1917, the Cantabrians joined forces with the Province of Oviedo - soon to be renamed Asturias - and competed in two more editions of the Prince's Cup as the 'Cantabric Team', before returning to the North Federation while Asturias went it alone. In 1922, separate teams were created for Cantabria and Biscay (the other Basque province of Gipuzkoa had formed its own federation four years earlier) because the former would not accept the renaming of the Northern Federation as the Biscay Federation.[1]

The Cantabrian Federation[edit]

The Federación Cántabra de Fútbol was officially established in 1922. The first match of the Cantabria team as the official team of the Cantabrian Federation happened two years later, on March 9, 1924 against the team of the Aragonese federation; the result was 3–0 for Cantabria.

Selected internationals[edit]


Date Venue Home team Away team Score
May 13, 1915 Madrid Basque Country (autonomous community)Cantabria North  Catalonia 1–0[2]
May 14, 1915 Madrid Crown of Castile Center Basque Country (autonomous community)Cantabria North 1–1[2]
May 21, 1916 Barcelona  Catalonia Basque Country (autonomous community)Cantabria North 1–3
May 22, 1916 Barcelona  Catalonia Basque Country (autonomous community)Cantabria North 0–0
June 4, 1916 Bilbao Basque Country (autonomous community)Cantabria North  Catalonia 5–0


Date Venue Home team Away team Score
May 10, 1917 Madrid AsturiasCantabria Cantabric  Catalonia 1–1
May 11, 1917 Madrid Crown of Castile Center AsturiasCantabria Cantabric 3–2
January 20, 1918 Madrid Crown of Castile Center AsturiasCantabria Cantabric 3–2
January 23, 1918 Madrid Crown of Castile Center AsturiasCantabria Cantabric 3–1


Date Venue Home Team Opponent Score
March 9, 1924 Santander  Cantabria  Aragon 3–0
April 20, 1924 Zaragoza  Aragon  Cantabria 2–0
April 21, 1924 Zaragoza  Aragon  Cantabria 2–1
May 3, 1925 Santander  Cantabria Cantabria  Asturias 3–3
June 21, 1925 Gijón  Asturias  Cantabria 0–1
September 5, 1936 Santander  Cantabria Tolosa Tolosa 0–3[3][4]
November 29, 1936 Santander  Cantabria  Basque Country 3–2[5][6][7]
December 22, 1997 Santander  Cantabria  Latvia 3–0[8]


  • Philippines Championship: 1

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