Cantacuzino Castle

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Cantacuzino castle
Castelul Cantacuzino 02.jpg
General information
Architectural style Neo-Romanian
Town or city Bușteni
Country  Romania
Completed 1911
Design and construction
Architect Grigore Cerchez

Cantacuzino Castle is situated on Zamora Street in Bușteni, Romania. The building, whose construction was completed in 1911, was conducted by the architect Gregory Cerchez at the request of Prince George Grigore Cantacuzino. It is built in Neo-Romanian style; the total surface of the estate is over 3,000 square meters.[1]

The castle belonged to the Cantacuzino family until the forced nationalization of 1948, when it became a preventoriumrium for the Ministry of Internal Affair. During the communist period, the original furniture was removed and a part of the interior walls were painted over. After 1989, the castle was returned to Cantacuzino descendants, who sold it to private investors in 2004.

The castle underwent restoration work and today it is open to the public.[2]


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