Cantaloupe Music

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Cantaloupe Music
Cantaloupe Music logo.png
Founded2001 (2001)
FounderMichael Gordon, David Lang, Julia Wolfe, Kenny Savelson
GenreContemporary classical, avant-garde, experimental
Country of originU.S.
LocationBrooklyn, NY

Cantaloupe Music is a Brooklyn-based record label that produces and releases contemporary classical music and other forms of avant-garde music. The label was founded in 2001 by Michael Gordon, David Lang, Julia Wolfe, and Kenny Savelson. Gordon, Lang, and Wolfe are composers who founded the Bang on a Can music festival in New York City, while Savelson has worked as the festival's music director. Cantaloupe Music is distributed by Naxos in North America and worldwide by Naxos Global Logistics.[1]

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