Cantaré, cantarás

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"Cantaré, cantarás (I Will Sing, You Will Sing)"
Cantaré, cantarás LP.jpg
Single by Hermanos
Released 1985 (1985)
Format LP
Recorded April 1985
Studio A&M Studios
Genre Pop
Songwriter(s) Albert Hammond, Juan Carlos Calderón, Anahí van Zandweghe
Hermanos singles chronology
"'Tambien Romantica'"
"Cantaré, cantarás (I Will Sing, You Will Sing)"
"'Esa Mujer'"
Tambien Romantica
Cantaré, cantarás
Esa Mujer

Cantaré, cantarás (I Will Sing, You Will Sing) is a single by various Latin American icons (among them Vicente Fernández, José Feliciano, Plácido Domingo, Julio Iglesias and José José) called circumstancially "Hermanos". It was released in 1985.

The LP/single was the Latin American version of We Are the World. It was recorded in Los Angeles in April 1985, at A&M Studios, the same studio used for "We Are the World".

It was composed by Albert Hammond and Juan Carlos Calderón, with lyrics by Anahí van Zandweghe.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Cantaré, cantarás

Vocalists (in alphabetic order)[edit]