Canton of Saulxures-sur-Moselotte

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The Canton of Saulxures-sur-Moselotte is a French former canton, one of fifteen located within the arrondissement of Épinal in the Vosges département. It was disbanded following the French canton reorganisation which came into effect in March 2015. It consisted of 10 communes, which joined the canton of La Bresse in 2015.[1]


The Canton consisted of 10 communes: Basse-sur-le-Rupt (pop 881), La Bresse (pop 4,728), Cornimont (pop 3,739), Gerbamont (pop 325), Rochesson (pop 656), Sapois (pop 665), Saulxures-sur-Moselotte (pop 2,864), Thiéfosse (pop 592), Vagney (pop 3,940), Ventron (pop 928).


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Coordinates: 47°56′57″N 4°46′21″E / 47.94917°N 4.77250°E / 47.94917; 4.77250