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The 180-seat Cantonal Council is dominated by the Swiss People's Party and Social Democrats. Five other parties, led by the FDP.The Liberals, hold the balance, which is in favour of the centre-right.

The Cantonal Council of Zürich (German: Züricher Kantonsrat) is the legislature of the canton of Zürich, in Switzerland. Zürich has a unicameral legislature. The Cantonal Council has 180 seats, with members elected every four years.

2011 Election[edit]

The last election was held on 4 April 2011. The Green Liberal Party gained 9 seats and the BDP gained 6 seats compared to the 2007 election.[1] The largest losers were the FDP who lost 6 seats.

2007 Election[edit]

The previous election, on 15 April 2007, saw the Swiss People's Party (SVP) maintain its place as the largest party on the Cantonal Council. Despite losing five seats, the SVP held 56. Its main competitor, the Social Democratic Party lost seventeen seats, leaving it on 36. The Free Democrats maintained their number of seats to remain the third-largest party.

The election was marked by the upsurge in support for environmentalist parties, with the left-wing Green Party gaining five seats to solidify their fourth place, whilst the Green Liberals took part for the first time, winning ten seats. The two Christian democratic parties did moderately well; Christian Democratic People's Party won thirteen seats (up one) and the Evangelical People's Party won ten (up one).

e • d Summary of the 15 April 2007 Zürich Cantonal Council election results
Party Ideology Vote % Vote % ± Seats Seats ±
Swiss People's Party National conservatism 30.46 –0.04 56 –5
Social Democratic Party Social democracy 19.47 –7.25 36 –17
Free Democratic Party Classical liberalism 15.98 –0.97 29 ±0
Green Party Green politics 10.44 +2.30 19 +5
Christian Democratic People's Party Christian democracy 7.25 +0.87 13 +1
Green Liberal Party Green liberalism 5.75 N/A 10 N/A
Evangelical People's Party Christian democracy 5.23 +0.11 10 +1
Federal Democratic Union Christian right 2.82 +0.72 5 +4
Alternative List Socialism 1.26 +0.38 2 +2
Swiss Democrats Nationalism 1.33 –0.03 0 –1
Others 0.03 –2.42 0 ±0
Total 100.00 180
Source: Canton of Zürich

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