Cantons of Belgium

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In Belgium, there are judicial and electoral cantons.

Judicial cantons[edit]

A judicial canton (Dutch: gerechtelijk kanton, French: canton judiciaire) is a group of municipalities over which a single Justice of the Peace has jurisdiction. A judicial arrondissement consists of all judicial cantons on its territory. There are 225 judicial cantons in Belgium. Most judicial cantons cover multiple municipalities; however cities are often divided into more than one judicial canton. Antwerp, for instance, is divided into 12 judicial cantons.

Electoral cantons[edit]

An electoral canton (Dutch: kieskanton, French: canton électoral) is a group of municipalities in which elections are organised by one Canton Principal Office. It does not necessarily correspond with a judicial canton. There are 208 electoral cantons in Belgium.

It was the lowest, most detailed level at which election results were available, until the 2014 elections when the FPS Interior also published results at municipality level.