Canyon Creek Food Company

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Canyon Creek Food Company
Industry Food - major diversified
Founded 1995
Headquarters Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Key people
Terence Alty, CEO, Brian Halina, Chairman
Products Fresh soups and sauces
Number of employees
50 (2010)

Canyon Creek Food Company (TSX-VCYF) is a food processing company based in Edmonton, Alberta that provides fresh soups and other prepared food products geared towards health conscious consumers. The company provides its fresh food product line to grocery retailers and a broad range of food service establishments such as restaurants and institutions throughout Canada.[1]


Canyon Creek Soup Company was started in December 1995 by Dale Cook as a fresh soup company located in Edmonton. Cook had come across a process that allowed soup to have a 90-day refrigerated shelf life with no additives or preservatives. In 1996, the company went public on the TSX Venture Exchange under the name Canyon Creek Food Company and started trading under the symbol CYF. In 2001, majority shareholder Brian Halina took over the position of CEO as well as maintaining his position as chairman of the board.

In 2003 Brian Halina stepped down as CEO but maintained his position of Chairmain of the Board, which he still holds. Terence Alty was named CEO/President of the company, with the company's sales at around $1 million a year. The head office was then moved to Calgary, with the plant remaining in Edmonton. Within a couple of years the sales of the business had grown to $6 million per year, with the addition of several new customers.[2]

In 2008, Canyon Creek became organic certified through Quality Assurance International.

In January 2010, due to the state of the economy, the management team decided to close the Calgary office and to have everything once again through the Edmonton plant.


  • "After a 100 years ... it's time to kick the can"
  • "Favorite foods made easy"

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