Canyon Meadows station

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Canyon Meadows
C-Train station
Canyon Meadows (C-Train) 2.jpg
Location 416 Cantrell Drive SW
Coordinates 50°56′10″N 114°04′11.4″W / 50.93611°N 114.069833°W / 50.93611; -114.069833Coordinates: 50°56′10″N 114°04′11.4″W / 50.93611°N 114.069833°W / 50.93611; -114.069833
Owned by Calgary Transit
Line(s) Red line (201)
Platforms Center-loading platform
Connections 28 Deer Run
44 Deer Ridge
81 Macleod Trail
83 Parkland
Structure type At-grade
Parking 260 spaces
Disabled access Yes
Opened 2001
Rebuilt 2011 (platform extension)
Preceding station   CTrain   Following station
toward Tuscany
Red Line

Canyon Meadows station is a CTrain light rail station in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It serves the South Line (Route 201) and was one of the two new stations that opened on October 9, 2001 as part of the South LRT Extension Phase I. It is located on the exclusive LRT right of way (adjacent to the CPR ROW) 12.6 km South of the City Hall Interlocking, beside MacLeod Trail, to the north of Canyon Meadows Drive.

This station is designed to serve the Canyon Meadows neighbourhood and it has a pedestrian bridge connecting to a large park-and-ride facility on the east side of Macleod Trail. The bridge also connects the station to the neighbourhood of Lake Bonavista. Stairs and escalators, as well as an elevator provide access down to the center-loading platform. This is the only station on the South line without grade-level access due to space constraints. 260 parking spaces are located at the station in what was the first ever park-and-ride to be a parkade (69 Street Station on the West Line (2012) has the second park-and-ride parkade).

In 2005, the station registered and average transit of 5,800 boardings per weekday.[1]

The station was originally constructed with a 3-car length platform with room to easily expand to four cars when needed in the future. Extension of the platform to accommodate 4-train cars started in Summer 2011 and was completed in December 2011.


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