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Caofeidian Ore Port

Caofeidian (Chinese: 曹妃甸; pinyin: cáo fēi diàn) is a land reclamation-converted economic development zone in Bohai Bay located in the eponymous district of the city of Tangshan, Hebei Province, China.[1] Although the government poured significant investment into the area and wanted to make it an "exemplary eco-city", it has since become largely a ghost town as projects in the area have struggled to repay loans.

It is also the largest island in Northern China.[2]


Caofeidian Industrial Area

The island is 200 km from Beijing, the island spans 60 km2 and is a 2005-listed pilot area for the development of a Recyclable/Circular Economy (Industrial ecology) in China. Huadian Power and PetroChina have some of their energy bases there. The island is expected to have a population of 300,000 by 2010.[3]

Caofeidian is 80 km from Tangshan city centre.[4][5]

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