Capão Redondo (São Paulo Metro)

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São Paulo Metro logo.png Capão Redondo
Capão Redondo Station
Location 4261 Av. Carlos Caldeira Filho
Coordinates 23°39′33″S 46°46′05″W / 23.6592509°S 46.7681766°W / -23.6592509; -46.7681766Coordinates: 23°39′33″S 46°46′05″W / 23.6592509°S 46.7681766°W / -23.6592509; -46.7681766
Platforms Side platforms
Connections SPTrans and EMTU bus lines
Structure type elevated
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Station code CPR
Opened October 20, 2002
Preceding station   São Paulo Metro   Following station
Terminus Line 5

Capão Redondo is a metro station on Line 5 (Lilac) of the São Paulo Metro in the Capão Redondo district of São Paulo, Brazil and is the western terminus.[1]

SPTrans lines[edit]

The following SPTrans bus lines can be accessed. Passengers may use a Bilhete Único card for transfer:

Line Destination
7005/51 Jardim Vera Cruz
7006/51 Jardim Horizonte Azul

EMTU lines[edit]

The following EMTU bus lines can be accessed:

Line Prefix City Neighborhood
001 TRO Itapecerica da Serra Parque Paraíso
001 BI1 Itapecerica da Serra Jardim Santo Eduardo
002 TRO Embú Engenho Velho
193 TRO Embú Jardim Santa Tereza
339 TRO Itapecerica da Serra Jardim Cinira
340 TRO Itapecerica da Serra Jardim São Marcos
451 TRO Itapecerica da Serra Jardim Branca Flor
484 TRO Embú Jardim da Luz
513 TRO Itapecerica da Serra Jardim das Oliveiras
527 TRO Embú Jardim Vista Alegre
531 TRO Itapecerica da Serra Recreio Primavera
551 TRO Embú Jardim Vista Alegre


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