Cap Stubbs and Tippie

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Cap Stubbs and Tippie
Edwina Dumm drew this panel sequence for Cap Stubbs and Tippie in 1945.
Author(s)Edwina Dumm
Current status / scheduleConcluded
Launch dateAugust 21, 1918
End dateSeptember 3, 1966
Alternate name(s)Cap Stubbs
Tippie & Cap Stubbs
Syndicate(s)George Matthew Adams Service (1918–1965)
The Washington Star Syndicate (1965–1966)

Cap Stubbs and Tippie was a syndicated newspaper comic strip created by the cartoonist Edwina Dumm that ran for 48 years. At times the title changed to Tippie & Cap Stubbs or Tippie.

Publication history[edit]

After Dumm's strip about the young Cap and his dog Tippie debuted August 21, 1918,[1] in an Ohio newspaper, The Columbus Monitor, she moved to New York City and Cap Stubbs and Tippie was syndicated by the George Matthew Adams Service.[2][3]

When the George Matthew Adams Service went out of business in 1965, Dumm's strip was picked up by The Washington Star Syndicate. Dumm continued to write and draw Tippie until her 1966 retirement (which brought the strip to an end).[4]

Characters and story[edit]

The many adventures of Cap and Tippie led to the discomfort of his parents and his grandmother, Sara Bailey, who clearly doted on the boy despite the fact that his high energy and general boyishness constantly drove her to distraction.[2]


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