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Industry Specialist public sector service provider
Founded London, UK (2011 (2011))
Headquarters London, U.K.

CapacityGrid was announced as a new offering for local government in June 2011.[1] This new business model in the UK public/private sector market proved significant, with the Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation (IRRV) giving Liberata the Innovation Award in the same year.[2]


CapacityGrid has a model which can help local authorities "achieve the best operational return through the scale of its network". The local authorities using CapacityGrid have “focused on transactional services, which are based on data collection, processing and analysis. In theory, this work can be completed by anybody with the right skills, regardless of where they are located”.[3]

The company began by signing up its long term contract councils to CapacityGrid services [4] and in May 2013, it was announced that they had reached 100 members.[5]


The services offered by CapacityGrid are described in detail on their website and described as “Services that help you get the best outcomes”.[6]