Cape Apostolos Andreas

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Cape Apostolos Andreas

Cape Apostolos Andreas (Greek: Ακρωτήριο Αποστόλου Ανδρέα; Greek translation Cape Saint Andrew, Turkish: Zafer Burnu; Turkish translation, Cape Victory) is the north-easternmost point (promontory) of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus (35°41.70′N 34°35.20′E / 35.69500°N 34.58667°E / 35.69500; 34.58667Coordinates: 35°41.70′N 34°35.20′E / 35.69500°N 34.58667°E / 35.69500; 34.58667). It lies at the tip of the finger-like Karpass Peninsula.

The famous Apostolos Andreas Monastery is located 5 km south-West of the promontory itself.

The city of Latakia in Syria is located about 68 miles (109 km) to the east.[1]